Made in New Zealand, from 100% shark skin, Alfa Pet Shark Skin is guaranteed to make your pets salivate. It is chewy denture cleaner, with natural health benefits and only 2.1% fat. This product is tasty and healthy, a great source of animal protein for your pet - the building blocks of cell maintenance and repair. The collagen is great for the skin and coat of your dog/cat. Give your pet a flavorsome chewy pet treat with all the health benefits the ocean can provide.


This is a 100% natural product with high protein and very low fat (only 2.3% of fat) which is suitable for dogs/cats with pancreatitis.


Give your furry friends an Alfa Pet product today; your furry friends will love you for that.


Please Note: The shark Alfa Pet uses are 100% legitimate fished and NOT protected species. Sustainable resources and whole fish has been used.


Net Weight: 40g

Fish Skin Tube

GST Included
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